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Fish tales

Tide riding

Oyster fishing requires knowledge and skills that are rare even amongst seasoned fishers. We accompanied filmmaker, Huw Wahl, as part of his project exploring engineless

Megrim or ‘Cornish Sole’

The Megrim spawning season has recently ended. From January to April these left-eyed flatfish (both eyes sit on the left-hand side of its face) move

Sennen Cove Handlining

At this time of year, the pollack come into shallower water and are hunting for smaller fish and crabs. They are beautiful fish and are

Cold North Easterlies

We saw last week that this Wednesday was forecast to be strong easterlies, which now seem to have eased. So there’s quite a clear week of

First week in May

This week coming we’re expecting a little wind, particularly on Tuesday, followed by a VE day bank holiday on the 8th of May. As a

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