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Our line-caught cod portions are descaled, and skin-on. Although we’ve taken care to remove bones, there may be some left, so please take care. Cornwall

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Cornish Hake

Portions will be at least 180g per portion. The fish will be descaled and de-boned however, we ask that you take care as some bones

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Haddock is a very popular alternative to cod. Although it’s not as easily bought from the small inshore boats, it is often in fine condition

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These beautiful fish and are often compared with the likes of cod and haddock. The flesh is a slightly off-white and though it does not

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The lobster must be killed humanely, then boiled for approximately 5 – 15 minutes dependent on the weight. To learn how to extract the meat,

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Brown crab

We do not deliver this item outside West Cornwall at the moment as we can only guarantee that it will be alive when it arrives

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Red Mullet

We will provide a number of red mullet that make up the weight stated in accordance with the size of fish in the day’s catch.

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How much do I need?

To help you buy the right amount for the meal(s) you have planned, we offer the following guidance on portion sizes.

A standard portion size for an adult is 150g to 200g.

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