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We do not deliver this item outside West Cornwall at the moment as we can only guarantee that it will be alive when it arrives if we see it moving!

We keep a stock of various sized top quality cock crabs from the Nazarene in Newlyn for you to choose from. We list the approximate sizes that we have in stock and are able to dispatch the live crab to you in the Penwith and Kerrier areas. Outside of these areas, we cannot ensure that the crabs stay alive and therefore cannot offer live crab delivery. For any lesser fish than your purchased quantity, you’ll be refunded at ?9 p/kg, unless you write in your notes that you’re flexible and would prefer us to make up your order with an alternative species.

Brown crab contains delicious and prized meat and engaging activity for a couple of people. There are 2 claws full of white meat as well as the body section which contains both white and the rich and flavorsome brown meat. The crab must be killed humanely, then boiled for approximately 15 minutes. The crab should be alive just before you cook it and must not be stored dead and uncooked for more than 12 hours. Picking the crab meat is an acquired skill, as demonstrated here by Rick Stein.

The majority of the brown crabs landed in Newlyn are caught in crab pots. This is a selective and low impact method for fishing crab and also has a low impact on the sea bed. Our crabs are actually bought from a single small dayboat using pots out of Newlyn. They leave very early in the morning and soon disappear from sight. If you wanted to know exactly where the crabs were caught, you’d have to be there. Cornwall Good Seafood Guide rates brown crab as highly recommended at 2/5.

How much do I need?

To help you buy the right amount for the meal(s) you have planned, we offer the following guidance on portion sizes.

A standard portion size for an adult is 150g to 200g.

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