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Megrim or ‘Cornish Sole’

The Megrim spawning season has recently ended. From January to April these left-eyed flatfish (both eyes sit on the left-hand side of its face) move to the southwest and west of the British Isles to reproduce.

Over the past decade there have been initiatives to bring this hitherto unpopular species to more plates across the UK, even undergoing a sort of rebrand as ‘Cornish sole’. If you can look past its googly eyes, almost translucent skin and huge mouth (for hunting small fish and crustaceans) you will discover a delicious flatfish. The Spanish have known this far longer than us and historically large quantities of Megrim have been exported there from the UK.

In Cornwall we have a sustainable source of Megrim, in part due to the minimum landing size here being 25cm while the EU minimum landing size is a less rigorous 20cm. Plenty are currently being landed in Newlyn.

How much do I need?

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A standard portion size for an adult is 150g to 200g.

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