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Sennen Cove Handlining

At this time of year, the pollack come into shallower water and are hunting for smaller fish and crabs. They are beautiful fish and are often compared with the likes of cod and haddock. The flesh is a slightly off-white and though it does not have exactly the same texture as cod, the quality and freshness of local, line-caught pollack will for some outweigh the benefits of netted or trawled cod.

The high quality seen in these pollack, caught this morning by Ben George on the Boy Joseph, is achieved by a combination of techniques. Firstly, when the fish is brought up and into the boat, it is immediately immersed in slush ice, a specific ratio of ice and brine. This brings the temperature of the fish down to 1-2 degrees very fast, preserving the quality at this very early stage. The fish are gutted on the boat before landing, where they are boxed and iced. The fish are protected by a thin plastic sheet to protect them from being burned by the ice.

The area around Land’s End that Ben fishes is, in my eyes, quite perilous. It is full of tidal races, reefs, tidal rocks (like the ominously named ‘Shark’s Fin’) and wrecks. He must work around the wind, swell and tide to find and catch the fish. When he returns to the beach in the Boy Joseph, his Dad and son meet him in the tractor to pull him back up whilst his wife helps him level and unload the boat.

Ben has kindly agreed to supply us with his fish which we’ll be collecting for delivery each week, weather permitting.

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