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Tide riding

Oyster fishing requires knowledge and skills that are rare even amongst seasoned fishers. We accompanied filmmaker, Huw Wahl, as part of his project exploring engineless sailing.

Giles and Huw observed a fisherman leave his mooring on Mylor creek at half seven in the morning and ride the tide out, directing his boat by oar. When sufficient wind was available (enough to blow out a candle, if you were wondering), he switched to sail power. The Saturday 9-1 fishing curfew meant limited time dredging, yet he is still able to drop his gear punctually and regain his mooring by riding the tide with the assistance of wind and oar.

This unusual, risky and arduous practice yields small bags of European flat oysters (Ostrea Edulis). These are less commonly seen than the Pacific oyster and are highly prized. The Fal grown flat oysters are known for their delicate saltwater nose, nutty taste and a burst of sweetness to finish. The texture is meaty, plump and creamy.

We are working on setting up a supply of this species, from the local fishery, in our shop.

To read more about Huw Wahl’s film, Wind, Tide & Oar, visit

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